Natural Mica Pearl Pigment manufacturers

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Natural Mica Pearl Pigment manufacturers

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How do we get Copper and iron effect:
The effect of pearl luster is determined be the deapth of titanium oxide. Silver white pearl luster is formed by the thinest titanium oxide coating, and with the increasing of the deapth of titanium oxide, the luster of reflection will take on the luster of Gold and color..
The coating of titanium oxide coating has the above function except the color itself. The color of bronze is formed by the reflection of the coating of titanium, and wine red and red-brown can be obtained using the same elements.
•Mica coated with iron oxide
•Bright metal luster
•Intense Bronze effect
•Fine Sanguineus.
•Natural mica based
Product Details:
Packing details: 1Pallets 450kgs
1drums/ Cartoon 25kgs
Fancy small packing 5g-20kgs
20FT CONTAINER: 11250kgs Drums packing
9000kgs Pallets packing
48FT CONTAINER: 22500kgs Drums packing
18000kgs Pallets packing
Lead Time: 2weeks
Payment Terms: D/P T/T CAD O/A

Other Names: Iron oxide Pigment.Copper Pigment.Mica Iron Metal series.Mica Pearlescent Pigment
Please Contact Us For Metallic Pearlescent Pigment!Natural Mica Pearl Pigment manufacturers

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