Rubber Acoustic Mat China

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Rubber Acoustic Mat China

Postby x88pyx » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:06 am

Quick details
Place origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand name: Vinco
Model number: V-R5
Certification: SGS, CE
Features: Soundproofing, fireproofing, anti-vibrating.
Product:Impact Mats
Material:Rubber granules mixed with rubber foam PU
Size:1000*10000mm, other sizes can be customized
Thickness:5mm, others also can be customized
Installation:1.Make sure the ground should be flat/smoothly
2.Spread the anti-vibration mats on the floor fully, please fold if meets the corner
3.The connect joints between anti-vibration mats using adhesive to fix them. Please handle with care to avoid tearing seam
4.Use the concrete or other flooring tiles on anti-vibration mat
Application:Widely used in gymnasium, outdoor stadium, business center, library, kindergarten, hospital, bar, factory, workshop, bedroom, etc
Fire rated:B1 grade
Environmental:E1 grade
Payment:100% payment by T/T before delivery
Packing:Packed in poly bag or customized
Lead time:10-15 working days after receiving deposit
The Impact Mat is also called rubber shock damping mat with B1 grade fireproofing and E1 grade environmental effect, there’s odorless and can be touched without pain. It’s also can be reused.
Compared with other anti-vibration mat, the impact mat is heavy in weight, and the anti-vibration effect is better.
The impact mat can be used under the machines to protect the the tiles and anti-vibration.
The impact mat is characterized by both high elasticity and high viscosity. The elasticity of the impact mat is caused by the change of the conformation of the crimped molecules. The interaction between the impact mat molecules hinders the movement of the molecular chain and exhibits the viscosity characteristic, resulting in stress. The strain is often in an imbalance. The long chain molecular structure of the impact mat and the weak secondary force existing between the molecules make the impact mat material exhibit a unique viscoelastic property and thus have good shock absorption, sound insulation and cushioning properties. Rubber parts are widely used to isolate vibration and absorb shocks because of their hysteresis, damping and reversible deformation.Rubber Acoustic Mat China
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Rubber Acoustic Mat China

Postby Henryvop » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:43 am

It seems my OEM BRZ trunk mat is same material on both sides. Cant just flip it over for rubber trunk mat.

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