High Voltage Component Free Sample

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High Voltage Component Free Sample

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The ZnO arrester is mainly to protect transformer, cable connector, and other electric equipment in the power distribution net from being damaged by lighting impluse voltage and over-voltage.
Vasitor, as core component of the ZnO arrester, has the advantages of excellent stable varistor properties, large nonlinear coefficient and ultrahigh breakdown voltage.
Ambient condition
1. Altitude: 2000m; ≤
2. Ambient temperature: -40 40 ℃~+ ℃;
3. Wind pressure: 700pa (wind speed 34m/s) ≤ ≤
4. Earthquake intensity: 7 degree; ≤
5. AC system frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
6. AC voltage brought to bear on arrester for a long time does

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