Why are people trying to drive WoW Classic

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Why are people trying to drive WoW Classic

Postby Gamerzone » Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:16 am

As ret nevertheless your dps will be subpar until it is possible to aquire some endgame pieces that Gold in WoW Classic are expensive and rare. One will be IF it permits a retadin only allowed by A raid of keeping particular objects on the boss that don't assist your dps but rather everyone 33, with the job. The only way around is if your guild leader or high officer also plus you are going to be competing against rogues, feral druids, enh shaman's, and dps warriors for equipment and they WILL take precedence unless your the shot caller.

Generally shadow priests aren't desired in classic endgame material and you'll be stuck on healing or gtfo. You won't be beast mastery or survalist or GTFO. You'll be a hybrid that is marksman or marksman. The other two just do not do well in raid dps.The other classes have less issues in regards to endgame and acceptability. It is also going to depend on if Blizzard releases a classic or leaves a few alterations of oversight like gear and providing non warriors growth tanks a taunt.

Why are people trying to drive WoW Classic when it is just a polished turd, like this shiny new item that is so cool? There was a reason WoTLK or BC was believed the best of WoW Classic. Since it moved away from the tedium and design choices of vanilla. Looking at the comments in here, seems like most folks never played with vanilla because the comments are all wrong.You are the fastest leveler. You've got the independence and best capability ingame, with warlocks coming a close second in early game and outmatching you into late game. You are the BEST dps for leveling up, for grade 1 AND during nearly all of tier 2 progression, for pre raid dungeons. This implies of the 9 courses in WoW Classic, all of which can DPS, you are the BEST PVE DPS for of WoW Classic.

You do drop off at AQ, and fall off into Naxx, but that is a little cost to pay for dominance in the majority of the game Buy Vanilla WoW Gold. Even once you do start to evaporate into PVE, your PVP ability stays applicable. You're also the second best course to earn gold. Are hunters told they have dps? No. You have fucking DPS that is amazing! Hell, you're the best fucking tank from 10-50ish as a search. You're a fucking god. As a hunter who has played many many times, guilds dont eliminate you if youve played with them up to AQ / Naxx. They will bring you that your dps has faded.
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Why are people trying to drive WoW Classic

Postby EmileBus » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:58 pm

rnrnBecause I have a hard enough time getting people to play other niche game systems as it is. Not many are willing to invest in a game that can be rather resource intesive to get going.rnrn

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