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Info on posting to the forum

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:03 pm
by CrispyRowe
In order to make this forum as usable as possible, a number of customisations have been made, and will no doubt continue to be made. I thought I'd document them here so everyone is aware of any peculiarities.

Auto media embedder
I have installed a plugin which can detect and automatically embed content from over 100 well known providers, in order to use this you simply need to add the URL of the content you want to embed to your post and the plugin will do the rest. If you simply want to post the link without it embedding into the post then please put the link in a [URL] tag and this will prevent the plugin from activating.

Full list of supported sites can be found here.

Imgur uploader
There have been no restrictions made on the content of posts, all tags and content have been allowed, with the exception of file uploads as disk space is limited. As, I would assume, the vast majority of uploads that are likely to take place would be images, the best solution to this is to use an external image hosting site such as Imgur. Obviously, leaving the forum to upload an image can be a right PITA, so I've added a button to the top of the posting window which will allow you to upload without leaving the forum. This will then add the img tag to the post.

This forum is running the Tapatalk plugin, so can be accessed through the Tapatalk app if you prefer. Certain features, such as media embedding, aren't supported in the Tapatalk app, so I would personally recommend sticking with the web version of the forum.

I'll continue to update this post, as and when anything of importance is changed. Feel free to reply below if there's anything you'd like adding or changing.

Info on posting to the forum

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:24 am
by Henryvop
I do get nervous. Ill be very upset if this forum dies too... Ive been here for so long now. I care about you guys.